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With capital construction projects, every dollar counts. Getting an independent cost estimate using Construction Check™ will help you maximize your investment while lowering risk and preventing cost overruns.


Construction cost disputes between owners, design professionals, program/construction managers, and contractors can be mitigated early in the construction process with a Construction Check™ independent cost estimate.


The Construction Check™ network of certified professionals assures that your independent cost estimate is reliable. We follow AACEI guidelines for cost engineering and estimating so you can rest assured that your independent cost estimate is of the highest quality.


Construction Check™ platform gives you immediate on-demand access to your independent cost estimates no matter where you are whether you have one project or many. You get complete transparency, online collaboration, and a seamless workflow that saves you time and money.


Construction Check™ uses data science and machine learning to augment our pool of certified cost estimators. This ensures that you are getting the right talent and the best tools for your project.